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CMS Awards SCG Options on 2 Contracts

Lauren Sommers

SEPT 10, 2018

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded Signature Consulting Group (SCG) options on two very critical contracts - the Digital Governance Support for the Web and New Media Group for the CMS Office of Communications (OC) and the Independent Statistical Consulting (ISC) contract for the CMS Health Insurance Exchanges and Medicare Part C & D.

As part of the Digital Governance Support contract, SCG Digital Governance experts support CMS's digital governance framework, ensuring a consistent level of quality across all CMS digital properties, strengthening of the CMS Web Council and a digital community of practice (DCoP), and the selection of a web content management system to support the Agency's website redesign.

On the Independent Statistical Consulting (ISC) contract, SCG defines and develops complex analytics analysis to be used on Medicare and ACA data on contracts within CCIIO's Payment Policy and Financial Management Group and providing the Agency with Medicare, Medicaid, and Financial Services SMEs.

"I am both impressed and grateful to the Signature Digital Governance and Independent Statistical Consulting teams for their hard work providing CMS with these critical services", said SCG CEO, Corey Cooke. "I appreciate the Government for recognizing SCG's continued capabilities and robust performance supporting the CMS's mission."

About Signature Consulting Group (SCG)

SCG is a premier Health IT consulting company focused on the improvement of the US healthcare system for all Americans. SCG works with Federal Agencies and Commercial healthcare groups. SCG specializes in digital development and operations, value based care and payment models, health system transformation, and program integrity management.

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