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HHS CMS Awards SCG Medicaid 10 State Pilot Program & Data Management Contract

Baltimore, MD / Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HHS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Awards Signature Consulting Group the Medicaid 10 State Pilot Program and Data Management Contract

The Centers for Medicaid and Chip Services (CMCS), under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), awarded a prime contract to Maryland-based Signature Consulting Group (SCG) to provide program and technical data management services to the Medicaid 10 State pilot. In support of the overall Medicaid and CHIP Business Information Solutions (MCBIS) Data Initiative, SCG will be working across state and CMS stakeholders to manage the T-MSIS Operational Medicaid data dictionary, state data mapping and loading, data edits and rules, and application and repository infrastructure planning.

The 10 State Medicaid Pilot is the culmination of many year’s work with the states and CMS users to define data requirements and a technical platform. It supports the MCBIS initiative as the technical and data architectural platform for the Medicaid Operations collection, transmission, quality, and analytics for Medicaid data from states of varying Medicare population sizes and level of program integrity fraud issues.

The goals of the MCBIS program are first to create an integrated repository of the Medicaid and CHIP data. Additionally, to create a data driven culture change improving performance and accountability across the agency, ensure compliance with the Accountable Care Act (ACA) regulation to remove redundancy and effort in CMS and State Medicaid and CHIP operations and to support a more robust program integrity effort.

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