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Cyber Security

Cyber security practitioners face ever-increasing challenges to address threats and provide reasonable assurances that an organization’s systems and data are reasonably protected against both internal and external threats that mutate and change every day.  The reality of the Cybers Security threat that organizational managers face today is the daunting task of addressing these fluctuating threats,  all while meeting compliance with mandated federal IT security regulatory requirements.

In fact, President Obama has declared recently that “…the cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation.” He went on to say, “America's economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on Cyber security.”  As a result, the President directed a top-to-bottom review of the Federal Government's efforts to defend our information and communications infrastructure.

The cost of managing and mitigating Cyber security threats and risks should not be measured solely by dollar expenditures.  The impact of a successful attack of an information system to exploit its potential sensitive data, could adversely affect an organization’s mission, ability to operate and the safety and security of its personnel. The protection of information systems and the sensitive data processed, transmitted or stored on them is critical to assuring the security and privacy interest of both the Federal Government and Civilian and Private entities.

Signature Consulting Group is at the forefront of combating this growing cyber-threat. By providing first-class Information Security management and operational and technical security services and support, we can help mitigate most Cyber security threats and significantly reduce the risks to your infrastructure, systems, data and personnel, without adversely impacting agency operations and productivity.

Signature Consulting Group is your Information Security Services and Solutions Company.

  • Promote “Cyber-Confidence” and deliver “Cyber-Excellence”
  • Help system owners and managers understand Cyber security threats and regulatory requirements necessary to meet compliance
  • Employ a Cyber security staff comprised of Senior IT Security Professionals with multiple years of Government and Industry experience
  • Provide cost-effective and timely solutions
  • Provide subject matter expertise with Federal IT Security Standards, Policies and Guidance (i.e., FISMA,, OMB, FIPS,  NIST RMF, FedRAMP, ) and Industry "security best security" practices.

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