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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

SCG Core Value 6
Communicate Openly and Honestly: Communicating with honesty is an obvious value to behold. Honesty identifies strengths and weakness as well as solutions and new ideas. To communicate openly requires the discipline and vigilance and to be proactive with the sharing of information. When we communicate both openly and honestly, we identify truths that help us to function efficiently and productively.

Data Analysis

As the volume of data and access to key data continues to grow at an exponential rate, it is becoming increasingly vital for organizations to find ways to aggregate this information while simultaneously understanding and quickly harnessing it.  This provides a foundation for making informed decisions. Whether for project analysis, program performance, organizational management or stakeholder messaging and outreach, strong data management and information control is key to both Government and private organizations.

SCG’s data management and analytics approach provides a flexible and proven method to take the complex work of matching and identifying trends, driving efficiency and quality, identifying integration and data reuse opportunities and reducing fraud and errors. SCG provides enterprise and program specific data strategy, architecture, management and analytics in the development of new database repositories and the full range of operations and maintenance of systems and program level data.

Enterprise and system level data management can enhance or limit an organization’s ability to analyze “Big Data,” large, complex or cross-domain data sets; therefore, a strong data management architecture and execution strategy is key to ensuring an organization’s data is usable, institutionalized knowledge.

SCG’s team of experienced Data Architects, DBAs, Data Analysts and data specific subject matter experts work within industry standard practices and use our Information Management Framework to evaluate and define the Data Management strategy and architecture, moving to integrate, harmonize and organize your data for meaningful analysis and reporting.  SCG’s approach to data management focuses on ensuring the integrity of the data through standard and established controls using metadata and data security standards, guidelines and procedures for data definition, integration, load and quality validation.

The measure of an organization’s data management solution success is in its ability to access data at all the necessary levels with the ability to analyze data for making actionable decisions and direct resource allocation. Partnering with Signature Consulting Group provides you with a road map that addresses key activities such as data stewardship, governance, standards and integration across domains.

Data Management Services

  • Data Mapping and Modeling
  • Interoperability standards
  • Data Engineering and Architecture
  • Database Administration
  • Mater Data Management (MDM)
  • Managed Metadata and Centralized Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Security Management
Data Services Management

Data Analytics and Business Informatics Services

  • Business Informatics Analysis
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Audit Data Analysis and Risk Profiles

Health Information Technology  & Interoperability

  • Health IT Expertise in Clinical Quality Measures
  • Health IT Standards, Interoperability and Integration
  • Expertise Clinical Data Architecture (CDA), HL7, X-12
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • CMS Data (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid: eligibility, duals, enrollment, payment, encounter and provider)
  • Program integrity
Health Information Technology
Data Analysis Methods

Data Analysis Methods

  • Slicing and Dicing Data Sources
  • Predictive modeling
  • Descriptive and exploratory statistics