SCG Core Value 4
Exceed Expectations: By exceeding expectations, we are able to deliver the unexpected to ourselves and to those around us. Expectations are merely the baseline of our actions. The true reward is in the realization of our own potential for the capacity to do more.

Signature Consulting Group provides healthcare business and information services to government agencies and health plans.

  • Medicaid 10 State TMSIS Data Pilot
  • HITECH Meaningful Data Strategy
  • Electronic Submission of Medical Documents (esMD) Program
  • HITECH Meaningful Use Audit
  • Center for Program Integrity, One-PI PMO
  • ACA Health System Tracking Dashboard ACA Measures
  • MAPD Premium Withhold Database
  • Provider Compliance Websites O & M
  • Provider Compliance Interactive Portal
  • Consolidate CDA Initiative
  • Program Integrity Data Strategy
  • HRSA Primary Care Learning Community Portal
  • Medicaid Master Data Management (MDM) Strategy
  • ACA Data & Technical Advisory of Integrated Data Repository
  • ACO Pioneer Model Quality Measure System
  • Provider Compliance Security Management Office (ST & E)
  • Interactive MAP Portal
  • EHR Demonstration System (EHRDS)
  • MAPD Change Management
  • Provider Focus Group and Outreach
  • CMS OCSQ/OFM Gateway Project
  • OnePI Procurement Management
  • Provider Compliance Procurement Management
  • HITECH Audit Procurement Management
  • OnePI Financial Management
  • HITECH Payment Project Management
  • MAPD APPS Redesign Project
  • CareFirst PMO Corporate Initiatives
  • EHR Demonstration System ETL Validation Testing
  • MAPD Systems Testing and Security Compliance
  • OnePI Data Center Migration
  • IDIQ - Research Demonstration and Information System (RDIS)
  • CCIIO/MA ACA Independent Statistical Modeling and Analysis
  • Program integrity provider payment business intelligence
  • Comprehensive End-Stage Renal Disease Care (CEC) Model Quality Measure System
  • Encounter Data Dual Payments
  • Medicaid Data Modeling
  • RADV / CDAT IV&V – data validation and testing
  • NIH Toxicology and biological scientific research data
  • Training and outreach for Medicare Survey auditing
  • Help desk and contact center for innovation center models and quality measures
  • Quality measure management PQRS and transition to MACRA/MIPS
  • MACRA Measure Development Plan Technical Expert Panel
  • MIPS Scoring Engine

Featured Clients

SCG’s dual health and system expertise assisted CMS in the analysis of premium withhold data in the Medicare Program to develop a business intelligence solution across 70 databases, which provides CMS users with a consolidated and acute view into plan payment activity.

Department of Health & Human Services

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

SCG has continually been awarded prime contracts with CMS over the last decade for our ability to stay current on Federal healthcare initiatives, Healthcare Operations and IT innovation. SCG has worked across all major CMS programs and centers (OTS, CCSQ, CMMI, OFM, CCIIO, CM, CPI). SCG key areas of work at CMS include: Clinical quality measurement development and management, healthcare fraud prevention and program integrity, data analytics and statistical analysis, digital services through Agile system development and data integration.

Case Study

Department of Health & Human Services

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

SCG plays an integral role supporting HHS with the implementation of major health legislation. Recent examples include the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Demonstration System and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We assist HHS in attaining their goals by:

  • Providing technical architecture and development in the areas of CMS and HHS system integration, Business Intelligence (BI); and JEE development; and data exchanges
  • Implementing the architecture and development of the Affordable Care Act Performance Dashboard (ACAPD)

Case Study

CareFirst of the Mid Atlantic

BlueCross BlueShield Health Plans - CareFirst of the Mid Atlantic

With our combined Healthcare expertise and information systems knowledge, we have provided broad and adaptive operational and systems solutions to BCBS Health Plans. Working with mid-to-large-size Health Plans, we demonstrate our health operations expertise along with technical Health IT capabilities. Examples of SCG support of BCBS initiatives: 

  • Establishing portfolio management governance process to select and track project status and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Developing IT project methodology and quality assurance framework.
Health Resources and Services Administration

Health Resources and Services Administration

SCG has developed HRSA's public health community and collaboration learning portal, which is used to connect health professionals in underserved communities and support efforts to build more integrated and sustainable health systems.

  • Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service (BCRS)
  • Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP)
  • Enterprise Project Life Cycle (EPLC) Office Technology Office of Information Technology (OIT)