Signature Consulting Group, LLC

SCG Culture


Cultivating Inspiration

Signature Consulting Group (SCG) is a team of professionals committed to the pursuit of excellence. Our employees’ efforts make it possible for all of us to achieve this goal.

Knowing that our Company’s success begins with our employees’ success, we strive to make Signature Consulting Group the best possible place to work.  Each individual is a unique and valued member of our team that we must invest in. We seek well-rounded individuals to engage and thrive in our diverse culture.  With programs in place for professional development and enrichment, training, and career pathing, we are able to motivate, challenge, and inspire our team members.

We are inspired every day by the people we work with. This is the culture we strive to build upon.  It is the foundation for all decisions and actions within our organization. It embodies the beliefs, values, standards, worldviews, moods, and conversations of our entire team.

SCG’s Mission

Create loyal and enthusiastic clients by delivering superior value.

SCG’s 10 Core Values

SCG’s commitment to its 10 Core Values creates the foundation for which all decisions and actions within our organization are based. Our Values are the employees’ shared principles and priorities that guide our Company’s internal conduct as well as our external relationships with our customers and partners. Our Values set the standard by which all of our actions are measured. In all that we do and say, we are committed to 10 Core Values:

  1. Do More With Less
    Do More With Less

    The act of doing more with less translates from the home to the workplace to the community and ultimately to the globe. By remaining vigilant in our use of resources, whether it be time, money, and manpower; or energy, recyclables, and emissions, we are able to see that our decisions have a direct impact on our success.

  2. Seek and Inspire Change
    Seek and Inspire Change

    Seeking change requires looking beyond the routine and the expected. It demands critical thinking and an inquisitive mind to continuously improve and evolve. Inspiring change starts with each one of us leading by example. “Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Ghandi

  3. Maintain a Sense of Urgency
    Maintain a Sense  of Urgency

    Maintaining a sense of urgency equates to getting things done with efficiency. By approaching each idea and task with fresh enthusiasm and a motivation for progress, we keep both energy and productivity at high levels.

  4. Exceed Expectations
    Exceed Expectations

    By exceeding expectations, we are able to deliver the unexpected to ourselves and to those around us. Expectations are merely the baseline of our actions. The true reward is in the realization of our own potential for the capacity to do more.

  5. Build Mutually Rewarding Relationships
    Build Mutually  Rewarding Relationships

    The development of mutually rewarding relationships is reliant upon treating each of our fellow human beings with both dignity and respect. Positive interactions with family, friends, co-workers, and clients lay the foundation for building and maintaining these relationships.

  6. Communicate Openly and Honestly
    Communicate Openly and Honestly

    Communicating with honesty is an obvious value to behold. Honesty identifies strengths and weakness as well as solutions and new ideas. To communicate openly requires the discipline and vigilance and to be proactive with the sharing of information. When we communicate both openly and honestly, we identify truths that help us to function efficiently and productively.

  7. Earn Trust and Respect
    Earn Trust and  Respect

    Earning the trust and respect of another is both an honor and a privilege that can never be taken for granted. With continued acts of integrity, we strive to deserve this privilege not only on this day, but every day into the future.

  8. Ensure Accountability
    Embrace Diversity

    By establishing expectations, gaining commitment, and accepting responsibility, we strive for accountability. We ensure that our actions demonstrate the integrity of the individuals we want to become and the Company we are evolving to be. "Without personal accountability we cannot grow nor can we ever improve ourselves." - INFJ.

  9. Foster a Balanced and Motivated Team Atmosphere
    Foster a Balanced  and Motivated Team Atmosphere

    A balanced and motivated team atmosphere is comprised of energy, trust, respect, and fun. When working within a team, we learn how to balance individuality with group thought and with compromise. We foster and rely upon each individual’s talents in order to achieve the common goal. “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”- Aristotle

  10. Encourage Growth through Learning and Discovery
    Encourage Growth  through Learning and Discovery

    By understanding that knowledge is the strength that gives us the power to succeed, we give ourselves the ability to grow as human beings. Supporting and encouraging each individual’s path to realizing their potential, benefits the individual and the whole.